A Cleaner Future With Propane

Propane already emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity to produce the same amount of energy. That’s primarily because the majority of the electricity used in our country is produced by either natural gas or coal-fired power plants. Thanks to the growth in production of renewable propane, this cost- and energy-efficient fuel will be even better for the environment in the future!

Renewable propane is a byproduct of the renewable diesel process, and right now, methods are being perfected to produce propane from renewable sources. We look forward to the near future, when millions of gallons of propane a year will be produced in this way.

This new type of propane delivers all the benefits of traditional propane, while still being clean, affordable and reliable. We’re excited about the promise of renewable propane in the years ahead and how it will be a much better bet for our environment than switching to electricity.

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