Customer Loyalty Program

Hometowne Energy rewards our loyal customers!

When it comes to neighbors helping neighbors, it doesn’t get more neighborly than our Hometowne Energy Loyalty Program (H.E.L.P.)!

Our residential customers with an eligible online account earn points that can be used in a variety of ways! Here’s what you can get with your Loyalty Points:

  • Credit toward the PreBuy Program *300 pts = $25 credit on account
  • Credit toward a burner service and cleaning *400 pts = $35 credit on account
  • Credit on new HVAC equipment *500 pts = $50 credit on account
  • A Gift Card *750 pts = $50 gift card (Wegmans, Target or Amazon)

How to earn H.E.L.P. rewards!

Getting started with H.E.L.P. is easy! All you need to do is create an online account. Once your account meets all eligibility requirements, you’ll start earning Loyalty Points!
But that’s not the only benefit of having an online account, because you can also:

  • Access you Hometowne Energy account on your computer, phone or tablet
  • Review current deliveries and charges on your account
  • Review past deliveries
  • Get annual usage information (helpful for our PreBuy customers)
  • Pre-order a delivery if you think you need one before your scheduled time
  • Pay your bill online

Contact us to learn more about H.E.L.P.!