Are Oilheat Systems Becoming Outdated?

Written on: January 15, 2024

Get comfort and efficiency with a new oil-fired heating system!

heating oil furnace Rochester, NY While there has been a push for electricity-powered home heating here in New York State, heating oil is by no means a dinosaur!

Modern high-efficiency oil heating systems of today incorporate advanced technology and control capabilities, ensuring maximum comfort while reducing fuel expenses.

Modern heating oil equipment is now equipped with advanced controls that allow for precise fuel usage, ensuring efficient heating for your Finger Lakes home. By utilizing only the necessary amount of fuel, you can effectively optimize energy consumption and maintain a comfortable environment throughout your entire home or specific areas as needed.

With the remarkable growth of Bioheat® fuel delivered by Hometowne Energy, heating oil has reached new heights of cleanliness, sustainability, and affordability. Moreover, the latest oil heating systems are compact, intelligent, and exceptionally efficient, allowing you to save an average of 20% on your annual heating expenses. There is a wide range of equipment options available to suit your budget, and the experts and Hometowne Energy offer expertise in various types and models of heating equipment.

Oilheat furnaces and boilers

Although both a furnace and a boiler serve the purpose of warming your home, it is crucial to grasp the distinction between the two. This understanding will empower you to make informed decisions if you are contemplating upgrading your outdated heating system to a new, high-efficiency model.

Oil-fired furnaces: Furnaces, also referred to as warm-air or forced-air systems, generate heated air within the combustion chamber. A blower fan then propels this warm air throughout your home. The air flows through a network of air ducts before reaching you via registers or vents, ensuring cozy comfort in every corner of your living space.

Contemporary furnaces are equipped with variable speed capabilities and incorporate various efficiency-enhancing attributes. These include state-of-the-art microprocessor-based controls, high-pressure flame-retention burners, and robust heat exchangers.

In addition to providing heat, the ductwork connected to your furnace can also distribute other types of conditioned air. These include:

By utilizing these options, you can optimize the comfort and air quality within your home.

Oil-fired boilers: In a boiler system, water flows through the combustion chamber. With the help of a circulator, the hot water is pumped through pipes to provide heat to baseboards or radiators in the entire home. The water then returns to the boiler, and the cycle repeats. This continuous process ensures efficient heating throughout the house.

Older steam boiler systems operate in a similar manner, with the exception that they produce steam that ascends to the radiators without the need for circulators. To safeguard against boiler damage resulting from low water levels, a low water cut-off is installed to automatically shut down the boiler.

One of the significant benefits of owning a boiler is the option to connect it to an indirect-fired oil water heater. This configuration provides enhanced functionality and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance for your heating system.

An indirect-fired water heater utilizes the heat from your oil boiler to warm the water in the storage tank of your water heater. This means that the water heated by the boiler never directly mixes with the water in the tank. By employing an indirect-fired water heater, you can quickly heat water while also saving money in the process!

With reliable heating oil delivery and expert installation and service of oil-fired heating systems from Hometowne Energy, you can keep your home warm and comfortable no matter what Old Man Winter sends our way! Become a customer today.