Benefits of Crop Drying with Propane

Written on: August 7, 2023

Put propane to work for your farm!

propane crop drying Genessee county, ny Hometowne Energy offers propane crop drying services that make use of propane’s energy efficiency and reliability, to help you reduce your crop drying costs and increase efficiency. This results in a higher yield for your crops.

When you use Hometowne Energy for your propane crop drying needs, you’ll get the personalized service that only comes with a local business. We’ll set up a bulk propane delivery schedule that is flexible and tailored to your needs.

Why choose propane for crop drying?

There are strong reasons that 80% of crop drying in the United States is done using propane.

Propane is portable. You can use a propane tank to fuel your crop dryer instead of running a costly supply line from a natural gas utility (if you have one).

Propane is more beneficial compared to fuel oil because it does not deteriorate with time and also eliminates the risk of a fuel oil tank failure or spill.

Using propane as fuel for crop drying significantly reduces fuel theft.

Newer propane crop dryers are much more efficient than older models. To remove one pound of water during crop drying, modern dryers only require around 1,650 BTUs, while older models can need up to 3,500 BTUs for the same task.

Using propane will help you extract more moisture from your crop in a shorter amount of time. This results in a larger yield while also saving you money.

Other uses for propane on farms

Dealing with invasive, non-native plants is a challenge for many farms and vineyards here in the Finger Lakes region. Some of the more common invasive plants in the region include garlic mustard, pale swallowwort, multiflora rose, mile-a-minute, wineberry, and wild parsnip.

Propane flame weed control is becoming more used by farmers for its safety benefits. It helps to avoid exposing them, their employees, and the environment to potentially hazardous and unhealthy chemicals found in herbicides.

Propane flame weed control is efficient because there is no waiting period after use like with herbicides. This means that once the weeds are removed using propane flame weed control, you and your employees can immediately get back to work in the fields without any concerns.

Using flame weed control is also safe for your fields because any propane leaks would dissipate into the air without causing harm to the soil, plants, or groundwater.

Propane flame weed control can be a more cost-effective option compared to using herbicides due to the expenses involved in buying them and the downtime required to use them.

Your current herbicides may lose their effectiveness over time as weeds evolve to become resistant to them. Therefore, you will need to purchase a different type of herbicide. However, weeds can never develop resistance to the heat produced by propane flame weed control. By using propane, you can always rely on a safe and efficient method of weed control in your fields.

Propane is also great for heating barns, poultry houses, greenhouses, and other outbuildings and can also be used for fast and efficient water heating.

Propane standby generators can keep crops in greenhouses and animals in barns safely warm when the power goes out.

With reliable propane delivery from Hometowne Energy, you can enjoy the benefits of propane crop drying. Contact us today to learn more.