Why Propane

Find out about versatile, clean, green propane!

As you drive around western New York and the Finger Lakes region, you are likely seeing propane tanks outside more of your neighbors’ homes. That’s because they have discovered all of the ways that propane makes their quality of life better! Here are some of those ways:

Efficiency and savings

When you heat your home with propane, you get an average efficiency of over 90%. Propane water heaters will heat your water more quickly than their electric counterparts. That energy efficiency leads to lower energy costs. And propane-powered appliances are less expensive to operate than electric appliances, so you’ll save money there, too!


Not only can propane be used for home heating and water heating, it can power propane ranges, fireplaces, heaters, clothes dryers, grills, generators, outdoor fireplaces and firepits.

On-site energy

You can enjoy cooking on a gas stove, appreciating its efficiency and that of other propane appliances, anywhere you live. You don’t need to be in a neighborhood with a natural gas connection. And, because your propane is right there at your home, it’s always there for you, which means you can enjoy off-the-grid living!

From Brockport to Penn Yan, Rochester to Honeoye, Hometowne Energy provides reliable, safe propane delivery and propane equipment installation and service. Contact us to see what we can do for you!