Can My Propane Supply Freeze?

Written on: December 25, 2023

Learn about winter and your home’s propane supply

propane monroe county, ny As the winter weather starts to make an appearance in the Finger Lakes region, it’s important to consider the status of your home’s propane supply.

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Can propane freeze or go bad?

As propane is stored in a liquid state inside your tank, it’s natural to have concerns about the potential for freezing. However, rest assured that we understand your questions and are here to provide the answers you seek.

There is no cause for concern, as propane possesses an exceptionally low freezing point of -306°F. This temperature can solely be reached in controlled settings within scientific laboratories. Such extreme coldness is unachievable in any other location on our planet!

Propane undergoes a phase transition from gas to liquid at approximately -44°F. Given that the lowest temperature ever recorded in Ithaca is -25°F, the occurrence of such an event is highly improbable.

Propane provides an added advantage: it maintains its quality over time, unlike gasoline, diesel fuels, or heating oil.

Propane retains its integrity over time and remains unaffected by chemical or physical reactions when stored in a well-sealed tank. Consequently, when properly stored for extended periods, propane maintains its effectiveness from the day of purchase. This renders propane an exceptional choice for a wide range of appliances and equipment in your home, whether it’s a frequently utilized water heater or an occasionally accessed space heater or fireplace. Propane offers numerous unparalleled advantages, establishing it as a versatile and dependable option.

Propane’s unparalleled durability and reliability make it the ideal choice for whole-house standby generators. Unlike gasoline or diesel alternatives, propane ensures that users won’t be caught in a predicament during power outages. With propane, there is no need to fret about fuel degradation inside the generator’s tank or the unavailability of fresh fuel. Rest assured, propane is the optimal solution for worry-free power backup.

Find peace of mind knowing that your home’s propane tank houses a dependable source of fuel. With this assurance, your standby generator will activate precisely when needed, ensuring uninterrupted power without fail.

How to protect your propane supply

Although propane doesn’t freeze, extremely cold temperatures can affect the pressure within your propane tank.

Similar to other liquids, propane undergoes contraction when temperatures drop. This process results in reduced pressure, potentially impeding the gas flow to your burner if it becomes too low. Therefore, it is vital to comprehend how cold weather affects pressure levels in your tank, ensuring optimal performance throughout the winter season.

Here are ways to keep the pressure in your tank positive.

Keep your propane tank at least 30% full: Ensuring a continuous supply of propane is crucial, and maintaining tank pressure above 30% capacity is essential. For a hassle-free experience, we recommend utilizing Hometowne Energy’s Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring services. With these services, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your propane tank will never run low. Rest assured, timely deliveries will be arranged to cater to your specific requirements.

Turn down the thermostat: You can enjoy home comfort without making sacrifices. By making a small adjustment and lowering your thermostat, you can reduce the frequency of your heating system turning on. This not only helps maintain the pressure in your propane tank, but also prevents it from reaching dangerously low levels. To effortlessly make this change, consider using a smart or programmable thermostat. With its advanced features, you can optimize your heating system while ensuring optimum comfort.

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