Crop-Drying Propane for Western New York Farms

Get the most from your harvest with Hometowne Energy!

New York is one of the agricultural powerhouses of the United States.

Our diverse range of agricultural products puts us among the top producers in the nation in several categories, including cattle, dairy, corn, apples and grapes.

Those grapes are most commonly found in the Finger Lakes region, which is one of the country’s premier areas for top-quality wines. It is also becoming known for its outstanding ciders.

What many people may not know is that western New York also produces corn and soybeans. Those crops both need drying in order for the yield to be protected and to reduce loss so that farmers can get the most income possible out of their harvest.

Farmers know that propane is best for crop drying, because it is much more efficient than other fuels, meaning that the job is done right for a lower cost.

Western New York farmers also know that Hometowne Energy is the region’s leader in providing reliable, safe bulk delivery of propane for their crop dryers, and that we’re the only commercial-propane provider around that offers fixed pricing!

Hometowne Energy has the propane know-how

Our commercial-fuels specialists understand that maintaining the most affordable cost for the propane you need is critical to your success. We monitor the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) markets throughout the year to try to determine the best time to recommend that you lock in your price for your crop-drying propane needs. Hometowne will purchase contracts from our propane suppliers to protect your fixed price and deliver your fuel to you when you need it. You have peace of mind, because you’re not only getting the best possible price for your propane, but because we will always be able to deliver.

Hometowne Energy has been meeting the propane needs of farms and businesses all over western New York and the Finger Lakes region for decades. Get in touch with us and we’ll get to work for you!