Diesel-Fuel Delivery Service for Western New York Businesses

Hometowne Energy is your dependable diesel-fuel company!

There are many businesses throughout western New York and the Finger Lakes region that depend on a reliable supply of diesel fuels to do the work that brings home the bacon. That’s because diesel fuel powers cars, trucks, generators and a wide range of equipment.

Hometowne Energy is the diesel-fuel supplier many of those businesses know they can count on for safe, reliable diesel-fuel delivery and service. And we’re the ONLY diesel-fuel provider in the area that offers fixed pricing!

In addition to municipalities and school districts, we are set up to serve a wide array of businesses, including:

  • Marinas
  • Farms
  • Courier and delivery companies
  • Landscaping firms
  • Trucking companies
  • Property management firms
  • Auto-parts stores
  • Construction companies
  • Vineyards
  • Health-care facilities
  • Orchards
  • Resellers
  • Funeral homes
  • Manufacturers
  • Moving companies
  • Hotels, inns and resorts
  • Paving companies
  • Food-service companies
  • Waste haulers

The advantage of a local diesel-fuel supplier

Hometowne Energy has been around for decades. We understand local businesses, local concerns and local weather. Because we’re based here, we can be responsive to your needs, making emergency diesel-fuel deliveries and updating and revising delivery schedules. Whenever you call us for service, you get a person, not a recording. And that person is right here in western New York, not in some distant or overseas call center. Our employees are at the heart of our motto, “Neighbors taking care of neighbors.”

We blend our diesel fuels against the cold earlier than other providers. And we keep an eye on the weather to ensure that we blend enough for our customers, to help them protect their vehicles and equipment. 

With Hometowne Energy, you get fleet-fueling services for both on-road diesel and off-road diesel. We can set up a storage tank and pump at your business and provide diesel delivery customized to meet your needs. You can either rent or buy the diesel storage tanks and pumps you need. Because your fuel supply is on-site, your employees aren’t losing time finding a filling station to fill their vehicles.

Want reliable diesel delivery? Contact Hometowne Energy and become a customer today!