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Looking for the most dependable diesel delivery service in Brockport? Look no further than Hometowne Energy! We are your one-stop shop when it comes to all your diesel fuel requirements. With our top-notch services, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll take care of everything related to your business’s diesel needs.

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Hometowne Energy’s diesel fuel services

Diesel delivery. Our motto is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” and that bears out in our commercial diesel services. Because Hometowne Energy is locally based, we provide responsive diesel delivery services unmatched by any big, national company. Our local commercial fuel experts create a customized, flexible diesel delivery schedule so that your business will always have the diesel fuel it needs.

Blended diesel fuel. Winters in the Finger Lakes region can be challenging, with the potential for extreme cold posing problems for businesses that use diesel-powered vehicles and equipment. At Hometowne Energy, we are proactive in forecasting winter temperatures and blending diesel fuels earlier than any other provider. This means all our commercial customers can rest assured that their vehicles and equipment will be safeguarded when the temperature drops.

Fleet fueling services. At Hometowne Energy, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer a range of on-site fueling services for both off-road and on-road diesel to help your business be more efficient. Whether you choose to rent or buy our storage tanks and pumps, they’ll be set up at your business location, and your employees will no longer need to go searching around for a filling station.

Your Brockport neighbors are big fans of Hometowne Energy!

“As general manager of a business, I can say it’s great doing business with folks that share the same “hometown” mentality of great customer service. We’ve had to call many times for quick turnarounds and not only has the staff been courteous but they have done their best to make us a priority. I highly recommend Hometowne Energy for any commercial fuel needs you may have!” – Wendy W.

“We use Hometowne Energy for our business and home. Not only are they saving us money from our previous supplier, but they are polite, and professional and keep their appointments on time. They even follow up to make sure you are satisfied. I would recommend Hometowne Energy to anyone.” – Mark S.

Diesel fuel delivery FAQs

Q. How are on-road diesel and off-road diesel made?
A. Petroleum plants carefully refine crude oil to yield two types of diesel fuel: on-road and off-road. The United States has mandated that all diesel fuels be ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) with a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million.

In addition to reducing the sulfur content of diesel oils, there is another step toward rendering both on-road and off-road diesel more eco-friendly. The integration of biodiesels into these fuels not only decreases emissions but also lessens wear and tear on engines! These natural biofuels are extracted from various plant oils, animal fats, and other biomass sources.

Q. What is the difference between on-road diesel and off-road diesel?

A. On-road and off-road diesel are chemically identical, with their only variance being the ways in which they are used.

On-road diesel is the fuel used in vehicles that traverse public roads, ranging from cars and trucks to buses and shuttles. Off-road diesel, on the other hand, applies to those vehicles not using any public roads.

Off-road diesel vehicles and equipment are not employed in transportation, so they are exempt from the federal excise tax, unlike on-road diesel. Off-road diesel has been dyed red, like home heating oil, to easily distinguish it from on-road diesel. This helps ensure that it is not dispensed for on-road use. Penalties for using it for on-road vehicles include steep fines for each offense. Here in New York, if you use off-road diesel for on-road vehicles, the penalty is particularly stringent. You could be charged anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per gallon and may be responsible for unpaid taxes plus interest payments to both the IRS and state tax authorities.

Q. What vehicles and equipment can use off-road diesel?
A. From construction and paving to agriculture, a wide range of industries rely on off-road diesel. Equipment powered by off-road diesel includes:

  • backhoes
  • bulldozers
  • cranes
  • commercial mowers
  • compactors
  • excavators
  • graders
  • irrigation equipment
  • lifts
  • tractors
  • trenchers
  • wheel loaders

Off-road diesel is also ideal for commercial backup generators, which are popular in hospitals, healthcare centers, nursing homes, and other rehabilitation facilities. These machines activate automatically when the power goes out, ensuring the continued operation of important locations during a power outage.

If you are seeking the best diesel fuel services in Brockport, get in touch with Hometowne Energy today to arrange a consultation.