What Are Commercial Uses for Propane?

Written on: April 3, 2023

You can count on Hometowne Energy for your business’s propane needs!

propane for business Milo Mills, ny When it comes to taking care of business, managing your fuel needs is one of your major responsibilities.

Hometowne Energy is here to help with expert commercial propane services! Here are some of the industries we serve.

Propane for agriculture

Did you know that more than 45% of the Finger Lakes land area is used for farming? We have an incredibly rich and diverse agricultural economy here, with more than 7,600 farms.

One of the major crops here is corn, with more than 300,000 acres growing it. A wide array of grains are also grown in the Finger Lakes Region, including wheat, oats, and barley. Soybeans are grown here as well.

These crops need to be dried for market or milling. Propane is an outstanding energy source for crop drying equipment. Propane is the most energy efficient energy source. It also creates a larger yield, making the harvest more profitable.

Propane can also be used for barn and greenhouse heating, standby generators, forklifts, and flame weed control.

Other commercial propane uses

While agriculture may be a major user of propane here in the Finger Lakes Region, there are a many other local industries that can benefit from propane. Here are some of them.

Hospitality. Between spending and tourism-related jobs, tourism brings more than $3 billion into the area’s economy each year.

A wide range of local businesses connected with tourism and hospitality can benefit from propane. For hotels, resorts and golf courses that require plenty of freshly-dried linens in a short time frame, propane commercial clothes dryers are the perfect solution. With their ability to quickly dry large batches 25% faster than electric machines – while also reducing wrinkles – they can greatly enhance housekeeping staff efficiency.

Restaurant and commercial kitchen chefs can create meals with perfection, thanks to the precise control propane ranges and grills provide. With instant temperature adjustments, kitchens will be able to deliver top-notch meals every time!

Propane-powered fireplaces, deck and patio heaters, as well as fire pits are the perfect accompaniment for outdoor dining. making guests comfortable while expanding seating options.

Standby generators. Propane is an indispensable source of backup generator power for numerous establishments, ranging from grocery stores and hospitals to schools and assisted living centers. It ensures the safety of people, property, and valuables during power outages.

Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane does not deteriorate over time. Thanks to the on-site supply of propane in tanks, organizations and businesses that rely on generators don’t have to concern themselves with a natural gas utility’s unpredictable infrastructure or service interruptions.

Transportation. Companies looking to lessen the greenhouse gas emissions of their vehicles should consider making the switch to propane autogas. Not only is this option clean-burning and creates virtually no emissions, but you can also be rewarded with credits and tax breaks for converting your vehicle fleet!

Propane autogas also is more cost-effective than gasoline or diesel, as it reduces wear on engines, resulting in dramatically lower maintenance and repair costs while extending the life expectancy of fleet vehicles.

Hometowne Energy is the Finger Lakes Region’s leader for reliable commercial propane services. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your business or farm!