The Right Diesel Supplier Makes All The Difference

Written on: May 18, 2021

diesel delivery new yorkAs a Western New York business, you depend on diesel fuel every day. You need a supply of quality fuel you can count on to keep your business going. Hometowne Energy is proud to guarantee your diesel delivery no matter what. We’ll make sure you’re fueled up when and where you need to be—and no matter what the weather is like.

Manufacturers, farms, construction companies, school districts and businesses across so many industries go farther on diesel fuel. Health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers rely on diesel to power their generators as well. When you turn to Hometowne Energy for your diesel fuel, here’s what we promise:

Delivery you can count on. We’re known for our dependability, and proud of our reputation as a company that you can rely on for on-site fuel delivery that is on time. No matter what the weather is like, our prepared fleet will be out there, delivering your fuel under just about any conditions. When the competition between independent businesses is as fierce as it is today, you need a company you can count on for fuel.

High-quality fuel. For on- or off-road diesel deliveries, we’re here for you with diesel fuel that performs well in any weather and meets regional and federal standards for quality.

Personalized service. Our team is here for you. It’s that simple. When you need fast, dependable assistance and service, our knowledgeable staff is at the ready. When you need to order fuel or if you have a question about billing or the product itself, the Hometowne team has you covered.

Hometowne Energy is here for you! Contact us today for the answers to your questions or to find out more about what we can offer your business or household.