Keep a Clear Path to Your Fuel Tank

Written on: May 3, 2022

Help us get your propane and heating oil delivered safely and on-time

propane delivery new yorkAt Hometowne Energy, service and dependability are at the core of everything we do, whether it’s fuel delivery or equipment installation and repair. We work hard every day to be the firm you can rely on.

However, in order to maintain our promise that we would supply your propane and heating oil as quickly as possible, we need your help. That aid includes ensuring that we may safely access your driveway and your fuel tank.

If our delivery person is unable to access your propane and heating oil tank safely, they will not be able to fill it. If you run low on fuel as a result, that may put you in a bind.

In the winter, it means clearing your driveway of snow and ice and maintaining a clear walkway at least one foot wide to your tank. After the snow melts, though, hazards and safety concerns remain, so we want your help in ensuring that our propane and heating oil shipments are safe and on-time.

Tips for safe, reliable fuel delivery

Here are some strategies for ensuring that your propane and heating oil are delivered on time every time.

Schedule a fuel delivery before your tank falls below 25% full. Requesting a fuel delivery avoids the need for emergency propane or heating oil delivery. The fewer emergency deliveries we need to make, the more we can keep to our delivery schedule. You’ll never have to worry about this again if you opt in for Automatic Delivery!

Make sure your driveway and tank are accessible. Do you have a driveway gate? Make sure the gate is open for us on the day of your scheduled delivery. Remove bicycles, scooters, toys, and any other objects from the driveway and the path leading to your propane or heating oil tank. Finally, don’t forget to clean any animal waste from the path leading up to your tank; it might cause slippage when the delivery person is carrying that hefty hose.

Keep pets and kids away. Our drivers are operating big trucks that can’t always come stop on a dime. Pets running nearby may cause a fall when the delivery driver is bringing the fuel hose to and from your tank. The hose might also be dangerous for children because they may trip on it.

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