Why Gas Appliance Installation Is for The Pros

Written on: May 1, 2023

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gas appliances Rochester, ny When you own a home, there are lots of do-it-yourself projects you can tackle, such as installing a new shower head, painting walls, putting in a new tile backsplash, or, for those who want to flex their DIY muscles, more challenging projects like building a deck or installing a patio.

It’s better to hire professionals for certain projects in your home, and propane appliance installation is one of them. You can count on the trained, experienced team of service technicians at Hometowne Energy to install your home’s propane appliances expertly and safely.

There are several reasons why attempting to install gas appliances on your own is not advisable. Let’s go over them together.

Put safety first!

It is necessary to hire a trained professional for the installation of gas appliances in your home. This is because incorrectly installed equipment may result in serious risks such as propane leaks and other hazardous issues. Your home and loved ones’ safety are incredibly important, and it’s not worth leaving it to chance.

Propane is generally safe, but it can still be very dangerous in certain situations because it is a flammable gas. If there is a propane leak in your home, it can build up and be ignited by things like sparks from light switches or appliances, using the phone, lighting candles or cigarettes.

It is important that everyone in your home knows what to do if they detect the smell of propane gas. Additionally, make sure to install propane leak detectors near all propane appliances.

Proper installation

If you are installing a new appliance in your home that requires a gas pipeline, you will need to hire a specialist to extend or fit the appropriate pipeline. It is important to remember that this type of project should only be handled by a trained professional who has a comprehensive understanding of how such systems work.

Your tank stores propane gas under high pressure, and the regulator lowers the pressure before the gas enters your home. It’s important to adjust the regulator correctly for propane because it has different settings than natural gas. Failure to do so could lead to a hazardous gas leak. This is why we are required to do a pressure test after you have a propane runout, and we do an emergency propane delivery.

The regulator is responsible for not only regulating pressure but also for ensuring the proper combination of propane and air for efficient combustion. Any alterations done by someone with insufficient knowledge can disturb this ratio and lead to the production of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Installing a gas appliance requires more than just plugging it in and turning it on. You may need to install or connect an exhaust pipe or flue based on your current system’s configuration.

Safety should not be taken lightly when it comes to ensuring that your appliances are ventilated properly. Different settings have codes regulating ventilation, and not having proper venting can lead to poor performance and the accumulation of carbon monoxide.

DIY could void your warranty

It is important to note that most gas appliance manufacturers require that a trained gas appliance service technician install and service their products to their warranty in effect. Failure to comply may result in voiding the warranty, which means you will be responsible for all future repair costs, even those that would have been covered by the warranty.

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