Heating Your Home With Propane

Written on: September 9, 2021

propane heating service new yorkWhen you think about heating your home, you have a number of choices. You might consider heating oil, natural gas or electricity. You might also consider propane, which brings with it a number of advantages.

The versatility and performance power of propane make this clean, green fuel an ideal choice. Here’s a look at some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you heat your home with propane.

High Efficiency

With efficiency levels in the upper-90% area, propane is ideal for home heating. Since it heats up so quickly, your system can get the job done with less effort than it would with other fuels. And with high efficiency, you’ll enjoy savings on your monthly bills. Sign up for automatic delivery today!

Easy Maintenance

Propane will leave fewer deposits on your home heating system than other fuels. This increases your equipment’s lifespan and decreases the amount of service you will likely need, as compared to other fuels you could use to heat your Western New York home.


Power appliances in your home with propane and enjoy higher heat, more precision and better overall results. Propane-powered appliances and equipment you can benefit from include:

You don’t need a pipeline to power these appliances—you can use the same tank that you use for your furnace.

Propane is so clean burning that it is not considered a greenhouse gas producer.

In the event of a leak—and in general—propane does not release pollutants so you never have to worry about how it will affect your air or water quality. If you are considering a switch to propane, let us know today! We can help you get started. And if your home is currently heated by propane and you would like to start using propane-powered appliances as well, we will get you set up!

Learn more about Hometowne Energy and all that we have to offer as you consider propane for home heating and appliances. Our customer service team can answer your propane safety questions, and we are here for you if you’re interested in propane delivery, tank monitoring or in becoming a customer.