What Does A Flood Mean For My Heating System?

Written on: March 22, 2021

home flooding safetyFlooding in your home is one of the most major inconveniences of all. You have to deal with cleaning up, assessing the loss of personal or sentimental belongings, potential mold or structural damage, and of course, look into whether there’s been any damage to the heating system in your Western New York home.

In the event of a flood, one of the first things you need to do is contact us so someone from Hometown Energy can assess the situation. Our team is here to help, and our reliable technicians can determine what your next steps should be.

What Are The Steps After Assessment?

When our technicians complete an inspection, they can let you know the level of damage your heating system has suffered and what you should do about it. Here’s a look at the possible ways it could go:

Your heating system’s intricate parts, including ignition systems, air circulation parts, gas valves, and safety controls are all at risk in the event of a flood. Managing the situation as quickly as possible could make the difference between saving these parts and losing them.

Other Flood Precautions

Yes! Another thing you need to protect your home against is a rusting heat exchanger. Having one can put you and your family in danger as a rusting heat exchanger can allow dangerous exhaust into your home. Hometowne Energy’s team is trained to catch issues like this before they become major problems.

Turn to Hometown Energy for the service and advice you need.

Our technicians will let you know what your next steps need to be. They can answer your questions and ensure your safety going forward. And be sure to ask about our affordable service plans for peace of mind throughout the year!

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