Late Winter Heating Repairs You May Need 

Written on: March 14, 2022

Now is not the time to put it off!

hvac repair new yorkWinter is winding down here in the Finger Lakes Region, although we know from experience that it can land a wicked punch this time of year. Even if we don’t get a final big winter storm, we’ll still be using our home heating systems for the next several weeks.

If you didn’t get your furnace or boiler serviced before the winter, it’s not too late! Regular maintenance can help avoid equipment failures and increased repair costs. Our team of expert service technicians can ensure that your furnace or boiler is in excellent working order. And with the price of fuel, savings from a more efficient system can really add up!

Your heating system may be signaling that it is in need of immediate attention. Here are some signs that your heating system might require professional repair service before the heating season ends.

If your home’s furnace or boiler shows any of these issues, contact us right away. We’ll look over your heating system carefully, find the problem, and fix it right the first time.  

Possible causes for needing heating repairs

There are a number of reasons why your heating system may stop operating or function ineffectively, especially if it hasn’t been maintained recently.

The thermostat may be broken, but the heating system works properly. The good news is that it’s unlikely to be a costly repair! Thermostat problems also impact your central air conditioning, so you’ll want to get it serviced as soon as possible.

Other potential heating system problems include: 
Damaged ductwork. Another thing that will have an impact on both your cooling and heating systems is damaged ductwork, so you need to have it checked out and fixed. Damaged ductwork reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system, resulting in higher energy bills.

Clogged air filter. Every month, check your air filter and change it if necessary. This helps to keep dust and debris out of the heating system while also protecting the internal components from wear and tear caused by them.

Stuck damper. Dampers regulate the flow heated or cooled air that enters your ductwork. If a damper is stuck, air may not be able to reach all of the vents, resulting in an uneven heating and cold spots.

Electrical malfunction. There may be concerns with the wiring, which you should correct as soon as possible to ensure your heating system’s safety and operation. Ignoring a problem like this might make it worse and put you in danger.

Whether you need repairs or a tune-up for your heating system, you can count on the skilled, experienced service technicians at Hometowne Energy! Contact us for service.