There Are Odd Smells Coming From My Vents 

Written on: February 24, 2022

Do I need to have my furnace repaired?

stinky furnace new yorkWinter is lingering here in the Finger Lakes Region, so you’re going to be relying on your furnace to keep you and your home safe and warm for at least the next several weeks.

It’s very important for you to have your furnace serviced at least once a year by skilled and experienced Hometowne Energy service personnel. Your furnace will generally perform its function without issue if it is maintained properly. However, your furnace may alert you to a problem, such as strange smells, on some occasions.

Odd odors emanating from your furnace or vents might signal a variety of difficulties, some more serious than others. Here are several of the most frequent furnace smells, what they indicate, and what you should do about them.

A dusty or burning smell

In the beginning of the heating season, a dusty or burning odor emanating from your furnace vents may be rather typical. Your furnace may be burning dust and debris that has built up since the previous winter. If the smell persists, replace your heating unit’s air filter, which should be replaced at the start of the season and checked monthly after that. Schedule a cleaning if your ductwork hasn’t been cleaned in the previous three to five years. If these measures don’t work, contact us for a service call.

Metallic or electrical smells

Electrical odors (think of a burning wire smell) are often a symptom of overheating. If your furnace shuts down for no apparent reason, it’s possible that your heating equipment is protecting itself. A metallic odor might indicate burning rubber or metal components as a result of wear and tear. In any case, immediately turn off your heating system and contact us for assistance.

Noxious exhaust odors or smoke

These odors might suggest an exhaust chimney obstruction, which can be either partial or complete. If this is the case, there’s a chance of carbon monoxide building up in your house. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and potentially deadly. Turn off the furnace immediately and get in touch with us. Now is a good time to check your carbon monoxide detectors and replace them if needed. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on every level of your home, including the basement, as well as outside all sleeping areas. 

Rotten-egg smell

If a rotten-egg smell is emanating from your furnace, there’s a good chance you have a gas leak. If you do, follow these propane safety procedures right away:

With Hometowne Energy, you can always expect outstanding heating system maintenance and repair. Contact us for your furnace’s servicing and repairs.