Our Guarantees To Our Customers

Written on: March 21, 2022

At Hometowne Energy, we back up our work!

fuel delivery new yorkThere doesn’t appear to be much you can depend on these days. You can, however, rely on Hometowne Energy for prompt heating oil and propane delivery and expert equipment service in the Finger Lakes Region.

We put our money where our mouth is with our customer guarantees. Here is we offer.

You get zero run-outs with Automatic Delivery

We realize that life can get busy. Sometimes, our customers forget to check their propane or heating oil tank levels and risk running low on fuel, or worse, running out of fuel.

We offer 24-hour emergency propane and heating oil delivery and no-heat service 365 days a year. Our Automatic Delivery program allows you to avoid the trouble and expense of a fuel run-out.

When you sign up for Automatic Delivery, our cutting-edge technology uses your past propane or heating oil usage and present weather conditions to produce an accurate prediction of when you’ll need more. We arrange a delivery ahead of time so that you don’t run out of fuel.

Your peace of mind is bolstered by our promise that if you become an Automatic Delivery customer, you will NEVER run out of heating oil or propane!

You get consistently fair pricing

Hometowne Energy provides competitive, honest pricing for all your fuel and equipment needs.

We’re not the cheapest, because we don’t cut corners on the quality of our fuel, equipment services, or customer service. But we’re also not the most expensive. We guarantee good value by providing the best service at a competitive price.

We respect your home and your time

When you make a booking for equipment installation, maintenance, or repair, we arrive on time. If our service technician is delayed, we will inform you. Your first hour of service is free if we fail to let you know.

When our service technicians work at your home, they are neat and tidy. When the job is completed, they clean up after themselves.

We guarantee our equipment installations

We sell and install high-quality, energy-efficient furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and other equipment. Our equipment specialists will assist you in selecting the right appliances for your home. After a year, all of our HVAC system installations are covered by warranty. We’ll refund every penny if you’re not happy with the job and we can’t fix it. This also applies to our equipment repairs. If parts we replaced or repaired fail within one year, we’ll repair those parts at no cost to you.

From Branchport to Brockport, Penfield to Penn Yan, Hometowne Energy provides the most reliable, courteous service! Become a customer today.