Preparing Your Propane for a Winter Storm

Written on: January 17, 2022

How you can use the fuel safely

propane delivery new yorkWe all know the drill when it comes to preparing for a winter storm here in Western New York. However, what you may not know or be as aware of is that you should take some time to prepare your propane-powered home when a storm is approaching. We can’t stress enough how important it is to know how to use any appliances that are fueled by propane in a safe manner and this becomes especially important during the cold weather months.

If you’re wondering how you can safely prepare your propane-fueled home for the winter, we’ve got you covered with the below helpful advice.

Have your generator at the ready

Having a generator is a great step towards being prepared for any possible power outages caused by a winter storm. But don’t forget to make sure that the generator is actually functioning properly. At a minimum test your generator before a storm is expected. The better approach is to run your generator on a semi-regular basis (about 20 minutes once a month is recommended). It’s also advised to have enough extra fuel to last you about a week in case of an emergency.

Be knowledgeable about how to use propane-powered appliances and know what the safety instructions are for those appliances. Follow the exact guidelines on how and where to use them. Devices that are made to be used outside (think grills) should never be used inside. Don’t use your propane fueled stove as a heat source either.

Watch your propane level

To avoid getting too low on propane or, even worse, completely running out, keep an eye on your propane levels. Don’t let your supply fall below about 30% full. If you don’t want this stress or worry, ask us about Tank Utility, our wireless propane tank monitoring system.

Check your carbon monoxide detectors

Having working carbon monoxide detectors should always be a safety concern. To make sure your home stays carbon monoxide free, install detectors on every level of your house, specifically outside of each bedroom. Make sure you test them once a month and replace them every five years.

It’s normal and natural to find dust, debris and snow around chimneys, vents, propane tanks, piping, tank regulators, valves and flues. Just make sure to clear these surfaces regularly so that they stay clean.

Put your trust in Hometowne Energy for your propane needs here in Western New York. We offer both automatic propane deliveries and a wireless tank monitoring system. Contact us today to learn more!