Propane Safety During Severe Summer Weather

Written on: July 18, 2022

Keep your home and loved ones safe with these tips

storm safety new yorkWhether it’s a front passing through or hot and humid weather triggering pop-up thunderstorms, the Finger Lakes region is vulnerable to severe weather during the summer.

With so much opportunity for inclement weather, learning all there is to know about propane safety can help you keep your family and home safe regardless of what comes our way.

We’ve gathered some crucial information and pointers to assist you in the event of bad weather.

Before a storm

Pay attention to any propane leaks. When you detect the distinct rotten-egg smell of propane, it’s a sign that there’s a propane gas leak. Propane leaks in tiny amounts, especially during bad weather, can grow worse and more hazardous.

Be informed and prepared. Every member of your family should know how to shut off the gas main at your propane tank. If you must leave your house, this is something you’ll need to do. Closing off the gas avoids any damaged tanks causing a leak that could ignite.

During a storm

Be careful. While the storm is happening, remain inside and as far away as possible from electric lines and conductive metals like your propane tank. If you’re outside when a storm strikes, stay away from trees, poles, and other tall and conductive things or structures. Pay attention for official announcements regarding possible evacuations.

After a storm

Inspect your property. If it’s safe to do so, head outside and look for trees or large limbs that have fallen outside your home. Keep an eye out for downed power lines that might harm your propane tank and put you and your family in risk.

Inspect propane appliances. Check for any damage, leaks, or other concerns. Don’t use candles when inspecting your propane appliances since a leak might cause the gas to ignite.

Contact us if there’s a problem. Contact Hometowne Energy IMMEDIATELY if you have any concerns about your propane tank, gas line, or propane appliances. Our experienced service technicians will carefully inspect and test everything to make sure all components are working safely. If you smell gas, put out any candles, cigarettes or other sources of ignition and get everyone including pets out of the house right away. Don’t use any light switches or phones as you’re exiting.

Become a Hometowne Energy customer for safe and dependable propane delivery and service!