When Should I Call for Heating Repair?

Written on: January 16, 2023

You can trust Hometowne Energy to get your heating system fixed!

heating repair new york With recent worries over inflation and how it can impact everything from groceries to your energy costs, you may hesitate to contact Hometowne Energy about problems you’ve noticed with your home’s heating system.

Frequently, the problem may not be as bad as you think and can be quickly resolved. Conversely, by neglecting the problem it may only get worse leading to much more expensive heating repairs, something that could easily have been avoided!

Hometowne Energy service plans are tailor-made to protect you from expensive heating repair costs. Annual maintenance ensures that your home’s heating system operates at optimal efficiency, while uncovering potential issues before they aggravate. If a service call is ever required, many parts and labor costs are covered!

Signs That Your Heating System Needs Help

Banging or booming. A banging or booming noise coming from your furnace may not be anything to worry about; it could simply mean that the ductwork is expanding and contracting. If, however, you hear this same sound only when your furnace cycles on, then there could be a potential danger for your family. This might indicate that the burner is dirty, and, if left unchecked, it can damage the heat exchanger. A broken heat exchanger could dangerously release carbon monoxide into your home. Never attempt to service the burner yourself. This must only be done by an experienced professional.

Squealing. If you notice this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us for a service call. It could potentially be due to the blower fan belt wearing out or insufficient lubrication in other furnace parts – both of which are fixable issues! However, if left untreated it may lead to your furnace completely breaking down. So, act fast and get ahead of the problem before it spirals into something bigger.

Rumbling or rattling. If you are hearing these noises coming from your heating system, it could be signaling a hazardous situation in need of immediate attention. The sound may originate from an irreparable heat exchanger, one that can leak carbon monoxide if not taken care of properly. Don’t wait to find out: contact us now for assistance.

Scraping. Is your furnace making this sound? This may be due to a loose blower fan, which can cause overheating and unexpected shutdowns. Contact us to fix the problem.

Electrical or burning smells. Is the scent of burning wire lingering in your home? Then something may be overheating. If you experience random shutoffs from your furnace, it could signify that your heating equipment is automatically protecting itself. Alternatively, if there’s a similar smell emanating from your heater, this could suggest that certain rubber or metal components are on their last legs and starting to burn. In either case, shut off your heating system immediately and contact us for service.
Noxious exhaust odors or smoke. If you detect any of these strange smells, that could be a sign the exhaust chimney is blocked. The blockage may be partial or total. If this is true, deadly carbon monoxide can begin to accumulate in your home. Immediately turn off your heating system and contact us for a service call.

Rotten-egg smell. If you use propane or natural gas in your home and detect this odor, it’s likely that there is a gas leak. To ensure safety and protect yourself and others, evacuate the home right away then contact 911 as well as Hometowne Energy to report the incident.

Inadequate heat. Is your home’s furnace or boiler not providing sufficient heating? First, double-check that your thermostat is set correctly. Then ensure vents and radiators are free from any obstructions like furniture or window treatments. If these tips don’t solve the issue, reach out to us for a service call!

Heating system cycles on and off frequently. If your heating system seems to be cycling on and off in short intervals, the issue might lie with a faulty thermostat or a dirty air filter. Check these two and adjust or replace as needed. Still not seeing any improvement? Don’t hesitate to reach out: Our team of experts are always ready to help!

You won’t get left in the cold with Hometowne Energy! Contact us for all your heating system installation, maintenance, and repair needs.