Do I Need to Stock Up on Propane This Summer?

Written on: June 17, 2021

propane supplier new yorkAs we get into the groove of a long-awaited summer, we’re making plans with friends and family, and spending more time outside. We may not be heating our homes in the summer, but we still need an ample supply of propane. There are a few important reasons why summer is an important time to stock up on propane.

Why A Summer Propane Delivery is a Good Call

Propane has many uses beyond heating your home.

For many of us, summer means using our propane-powered appliances, like grills, pool and heaters, firepits and other systems we install and service fairly regularly. Over the next couple of months, you may go through more of this cost- and energy-efficient fuel than you expect, so it’s important to maintain a full supply so you can enjoy the season to its fullest.

Many delivery companies are anxious to sell their summer supply before fall.

In many cases, delivery companies lower their summer prices, to allocate space for fuel for winter. Their willingness to operate at a decreased margin means savings for customers who order propane in the summer.

Road conditions have an impact on the price of propane.

Winter roads are often icy and delivery schedules are maxed out during peak season. As a result, drivers often work extra hours in the winter. The expense of overtime is often passed to the consumer, making winter deliveries more costly than summer deliveries. You can avoid—or at least minimize—this by stocking up on propane in the summer.

Increased demand leads to increased prices.

While propane is produced year-round, the annual spike in demand every fall is inevitable. If you stock up on fuel before the season changes, you can avoid the price hike that comes along with the shift in demand.

These guidelines are just that—not hard-and-fast rules. Still, they serve as a helpful way to plan ahead and be prepared.

Serving Western New York, Hometowne Energy is here for all of your propane delivery needs. Let us know how we can serve you this summer—and always!