Water Heaters: Switching From Electric To Propane

Written on: March 15, 2021

How are you heating the water in your home? If you’re using an electric water heater, we recommend that you instead consider switching to a propane water heater. With a propane water heater, you’ll be guaranteed a consistent supply of warm water—without the wait. Once your propane water heater is up and running, watch your bills drop.

Choose A Propane Water Heater

Learn about why a propane water heater is the way to go for heating water in your Western New York home.

  1. Your bottom line. Since most of 20% of your home energy costs are likely related to hot water, it’s worth taking a look at ways to lower that number. It’s true that a propane water heater costs more up front, although you may qualify for a money-saving rebate, but the monthly costs are decidedly lower than electric. In fact, it costs up to 30% less to operate a propane water heater each month than it costs to run an electric water heater. And if you get a tankless water heater, the savings will go up even more. Tankless water heaters cost about 50% less than electric water heaters to run, and they last for up to eight years longer!
  2. Outcome. Who wants to wait and wait—and wait some more—for the water to heat up, only to feel it turn back to cold after just a few minutes? Nobody! When you have a propane water heater, you’ll get about twice the volume of hot water in the same amount of time. Switching to a tankless propane water heater? Then you’ll have a virtually endless supply! Contact us today to learn more.
  3. Environmental impact. You can help minimize your carbon footprint with the help of a propane tankless water heater, which will deliver about a 50% reduction to your carbon emissions.

Enroll In Automatic Delivery

We recommend automatic propane delivery, although will call is also an option for your propane delivery. If you are signed up for automatic delivery, you can take advantage of wireless propane tank monitoring from TankUtility.

Contact Hometowne Energy today about installing a propane water heater in your Western New York home. Our team can answer all of your questions about the heating systems we service and sell, and they can help you out if you’d like to become a customer.