Propane Safety Tips For Thunderstorms

Written on: June 7, 2021

storm safety new yorkSummer thunderstorms are among the most potentially dangerous weather events. They can disrupt our lives, scare our kids—and dogs—and, most importantly, they can be quite dangerous. The team at Hometowne Energy wants to ensure that you and your family are prepared in the event of a summer storm in Western New York, and that you know what to do with your propane-powered equipment and appliances.

10 Tips For Summer Storm Safety

If you have propane equipment or appliances, make a note of these tips so you’re prepared before the next summer storm.

  1. Look for propane leaks. Before a storm comes, make sure you’re aware of any leaks—even small ones. If you can smell propane, follow proper propane safety protocol, as noted on our propane safety page. It’s also important to make sure any other adults in your family are aware of these steps, and can identify the smell of propane.
  2. Find your gas main. Make sure you know where your gas main is and that you can turn it off if necessary.
  3. Take action if needed. If you find that you need to evacuate your home, turn off the gas main before you leave. This could prevent a fire, as a damaged tank could lead to flammable leaks.
  4. Keep your distance during the storm. Steer clear of power lines and anything that is a conductor—including your propane tank! If it can conduct electricity, it is not safe.
  5. Pay attention. Stay aware so you can follow instructions from any local emergency personnel or community leaders who may have details about safety issues or areas to avoid.
  6. Make observations. After the storm ends and you know the area is safe, make a note of fallen trees. Look for downed power lines that may affect your property. Be on the lookout for anything that may be a threat to your propane tank or your gas line.
  7. Inspect your appliances. Now’s the time to check your appliances to find out if they’ve suffered any damage. Look for visible issues, but also run the appliance to see if there are any malfunctions.
  8. Avoid candles! Do not burn candles when you’re inspecting anything powered by propane. This could ignite your tank.
  9. Learn more whenever you have the chance. Check out our propane safety page for tips you can use every day.
  10. Contact us! Let us know what questions you have! We want to help, and our expert team is here for you.

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