Top Commercial Propane Appliances and Equipment

Written on: November 27, 2023

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commercial propane Milo Mills, ny You may think of propane only as something that powers your home’s grill. But there’s so much more propane can do, especially for Finger Lakes businesses!

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Here are some of the top ways that propane is used by area businesses.

Commercial heating systems

Propane offers superior heating for large commercial spaces, as propane furnaces and boilers get spaces warm faster and more efficiently than electric heating systems. In fact, some propane commercial heating systems achieve efficiencies of 98%, meaning your energy costs stay low!

Commercial kitchen appliances

Propane’s an outstanding energy source for restaurants, banquet halls, caterers, and other commercial kitchens because it’s not only energy efficient, but also amazingly versatile.

A propane commercial range gives your chefs the precise, on-a-dime temperature control they need to create outstanding quality food at a high volume. But that’s only the beginning of how propane can be used in a commercial food service setting.

By utilizing propane for your culinary appliances, you can ensure that your broiler delivers the necessary BTUs to cook mouthwatering steaks and chops, while flawlessly melting a mozzarella cheese topping for a chicken parmigiana. Moreover, propane can power a variety of other appliances such as pizza ovens, steam tables, buffets, and deep fryers. Its versatility and efficiency make propane an excellent choice for the discerning chef.

Commercial water heaters

If your business uses a lot of hot water, whether it’s for dishwashing at a restaurant or washing machines at a commercial laundry, you need a reliable water heater. Propane commercial water heaters get water hot much faster than electric water heaters and are much more energy efficient. With a propane tankless commercial water heater, you’ll have all the hot water you need for as long as you need it.

Agricultural equipment

Propane’s versatility extends to the farm! In addition to heating and water heating, propane is also superior for crop drying, being faster, more energy efficient, and effective in reducing losses.

Does your farm raise poultry? If so, propane is the best solution when it comes to poultry house sanitizing. Flame sanitizing is safer for workers and poultry because there are no chemicals. Also, bacteria and viruses in the waste cannot become resistant to heat as they can with chemicals.

Commercial generators

A propane standby generator provides multiple layers of protection for your business. In hospitals, health care facilities, and nursing homes, this essential equipment ensures the continuous operation of life-saving devices. It also maintains the optimal temperature for your business’s technology equipment, such as servers and computers, by keeping the HVAC system running smoothly. Moreover, grocery stores rely on generators to safeguard their perishable goods, ensuring that the refrigeration system and HVAC remain operational. With a propane standby generator, you can rest assured knowing that your business is well-prepared and protected in various critical scenarios.

Construction equipment

Propane’s a workhorse on construction sites! It powers temporary heating equipment, allowing projects to move forward even when the Polar Vortex pays Central New York a visit. Paint, plaster, and stucco can dry and cure properly. Ground thawing equipment allows outdoor work like paving to continue.

Commercial clothes dryers

Whether you own a commercial laundry, laundromat, or a hotel, your business can benefit from using propane dryers. They get loads dry 25% faster than comparable electric commercial dryers, which lowers your energy costs while improving efficiency and productivity. Propane dryers also create less wear and fewer wrinkles.

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