Do You Have An Upper Floor That’s Too Hot?

Written on: December 14, 2020

uneven home heat new yorkWhen you head upstairs in your home, do you feel the temperature going up along with you? If so, here are a few possible reasons why this might be happening—and some tips for troubleshooting most of them.

Uneven Heating Causes

Your thermostat:

When a furnace is set on “Auto,” hot air is likely settling upstairs. Changing the setting to “On” can prevent this from happening. Another solution is to switch to zoned heating, which means your home will be divided up and heated as individual sections. With zoned heating, you can control the temperature of each area individually.

The sun:

Rooms that get full sunlight, like many homes’ upstairs rooms do, can feel considerably warmer than the other rooms in the house. One quick solution is to close the curtains, blinds or shades to keep the temperatures of those rooms as consistent as possible with the rest of the house.


Heat will travel upward in a home where the attic is not properly insulated. The U.S. Department of Energy offers a guide to let homeowners know how much insulation their homes need. Check and see how you’re doing with your Western New York home.

Air filter:

If you aren’t sure when you last changed your air filter, you’re probably overdue. It should be changed (or cleaned, depending on what type you have) quarterly, and during peak heating times, if you have a pet or if someone with allergies lives in your home, monthly.


If your ductwork is installed incorrectly or is damaged, your heat will likely be uneven, which means your furnace will have to work harder to balance the temperature. If you are concerned about your ductwork, contact us today, so the expert team at Hometowne Energy can take a look and repair or replace it.


Are any of your vents blocked? If so, your home’s airflow may be compromised. Clear the space in front of vents so there are no rugs, furniture, toys, curtains or other items obstructing air flow.

At Hometowne Energy, your comfort is our priority. If your home’s temperature is not regulated or consistent, or if you need installation or service, we can help. Contact us today!