We Can’t Put All of Our Eggs Into One Fragile Energy Basket

Dear Friends,

We’re sure all of you followed the debacle of power outages in Texas over the winter. It seems as if three or four times per year, a storm knocks out our power, leaving tens of thousands of families without energy for days—or even weeks.

More than anything, this has exposed the fragility of the nation’s electric grid. That’s why it’s so concerning that many state governments are rushing ahead on an “electrify everything” path to reduce carbon emissions. We believe that we must take aggressive steps to address climate change—and we’re doing that with the help of today’s highly efficient heating oil.

For context, here’s a look at what’s happening in New York: In 2019, Albany passed the CLCPA*, a law that requires radical reductions in carbon emissions. Of course, that didn’t include how much it would cost, who would cover the cost or how it would all work. From what we can see, this law’s implementation could be a nightmare that would raise all energy prices, add onerous taxes and equipment surcharges, force people to abandon the heating systems they like, and disregard climate improvements that could be made without “electrifying everything.”

Alternatively, we, and others in the liquid fuels industry, continue to offer a solution that immediately reduces every customer’s carbon footprint dramatically without regressive taxes, additional equipment cost to consumers or overloading the electric grid. We need thoughtful policy that balances the need to address our climate without putting all of our eggs into one fragile energy basket. Please go to StopNYCarbonTax.com to learn more about these concerns and to send a message to New York legislators to let them know you oppose carbon taxes.

As always, please let us know what we can do to help you, because with Hometowne Energy, you always get Service, Quality and Value—Guaranteed.

John Campbell
General Manager

*Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act