What Are Marine Fuels?

Written on: March 6, 2023

Hometowne Energy has the marine fuels your business needs!

marina fuel rochester, ny If your business is one of the many in the Finger Lakes Region that uses boats, you understand the importance of being able to rely on your marine fuels supplier.

For many local businesses, that marine fuels supplier is Hometowne Energy! We provide you with dependable delivery of marine fuels on a schedule customized to your needs.

We also offer marine fuels storage tank sales as well as our affordable leasing option. For even more security when it comes to the marine fuels supply for your marina or boating business, our wireless tank monitoring ensures that we’ll be alerted when you need more fuel and we’ll promptly schedule a delivery.

By doing business with a fellow local company, you get the responsive, personal service that no big, national fuel company can provide. When you call, you get someone from right here in the Finger Lakes Region, not some far-away call center.

Like the rest of our commercial fuels such as diesel and gasoline, you can be assured that all of our marine fuels are of the highest quality.

How are marine fuels different than other fuels?

Marine fuels encompass every grade of Low Sulphur Fuel Oil, Bunker Fuel Oil, Intermediate Bunker Fuels, Marine Fuel Oil, Thin Fuel Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, Light Marine DieselFuel, GasOil, and other varieties such as Marine Gasoil and marine lubricants.

These are a blend of distillates, the evaporated components of crude oil during the distilling process, that are condensed from gas state to liquid state.

Marine Fuels can have a great deal in common with other commercial crude oil-based fuels. For example, Marine Gasoil is generally equivalent to diesel, except it boasts a higher density and more straightforward storage requirements. MGO does not need heated warehouse space, meaning both existing vessels’ operational expenses as well as new boats’ setup costs can be significantly reduced.

What businesses use marine fuels in the Finger Lakes?

The Finger Lakes economy is quite diverse, and tourism is a major part of it. Visitors bring more than $3 billion into the area’s economy each year between spending and the jobs supported by tourism. Boating plays no small part in that.

People who own second homes along one of our lakes, or who rent one, often have boats, and count on our customers to have the marine fuels their boats need. There is also a growing boat chartering industry, some inspired by services such as AirBnB and VRBO.

Fishing draws people to the Finger Lakes from nearby towns and from far away, as anglers look to catch some of the more popular species inhabiting the lakes, including trout and salmon.

Get dependable marine fuels delivery and service for your Finger Lakes Region business. Contact Hometowne Energy to set up a consultation.