What Is Fleet Fueling?

Written on: June 5, 2023

Quality fleet fueling services your business can count

fleet fuel Brockport, ny If your business uses cars, trucks, vans, and other on-road vehicles, managing that fleet efficiently is an essential part of protecting your bottom line.

Keeping your business’s on-road vehicles fueled can be challenging due to drivers going off-site or off-route to find a gas station, managing paperwork and receipts, and you needing to track fueling expenses.

Hometowne Energy provides onsite fleet fueling services that simplify the process, with customized onsite fueling services to a wide range of Finger Lakes region businesses, including construction, orchards, courier and delivery services, vineyards, funeral homes, resorts, marinas, farms, and more. We deliver both diesel and gasoline.

We’ll go over your business’ vehicle fleet and how it’s used and come up with a delivery plan tailored to your needs to ensure that your vehicle fleet will always have the fuel it needs to get the job done.

What does fleet fueling mean?

Fleet fueling refers to fueling up all the vehicles of a business fleet on site. The fueling options include delivering fuel to an onsite filling station, where employees can fill their vehicles. Wet hose fueling is a preferred choice for many companies as it maximizes efficiency. In wet hose fueling, the delivery driver directly fills up the vehicles from the delivery truck. This ensures that the vehicles have full fuel tanks at the beginning of the workday.

What else can fleet fueling do for my business?

Hometowne Energy’s onsite fueling services can help to streamline your fleet’s fueling process, while also providing additional benefits to both you and your business.

Improved fuel management. By choosing Hometowne Energy as your fleet fuel supplier, you have the ability to accurately track and monitor all fuel consumption in your fleet vehicles. This information allows you to better anticipate fuel usage patterns and trends, allowing for more efficient management of your fuel budget.

Greater efficiency. Our onsite fueling service can enhance your business’s productivity. Instead of wasting time on going to off-site fueling stations and managing receipts and fuel card accounts, your drivers can focus on completing more work. In turn, you and your staff can save time and effort to concentrate on improving your business operations and developing new growth strategies.

Reduced fuel theft. Fuel theft by employees can be a costly issue for businesses when they abuse their fuel cards or allowances. Hometowne Energy’s fleet fueling offers a solution to oversee and control fuel expenses.

Reduced wear on vehicles. When drivers need to go out of their regular routes to refuel their vehicles, they end up adding extra mileage to their vehicles. Although it may seem like only a few miles, it can create a significant impact over time, especially when considering the size of your fleet and how often drivers have to refuel off-site. With those extra miles, your vehicle’s parts can wear out faster, which can result in expensive maintenance repairs or a shorter lifespan. Fortunately, on-site fleet fueling options can help reduce these issues and extend the life of your vehicles.

Get fleet fueling services personalized for your business! Contact Hometowne Energy today to set up a consultation.