What Is Propane Made Of?

Written on: July 3, 2023

Learn more about this versatile and efficient energy source

source of propane Newark, ny If you’re searching for an affordable and dependable energy source for your home in the Finger Lakes Region, you should consider propane.

Choosing propane is an easy decision because it’s not only efficient and versatile, but it also has environmental benefits. By producing fewer emissions when burned, you can keep your home comfortable while also doing the environment a favor.

If you’re not familiar with propane, don’t worry. We have collected useful information to help you learn and understand more about it.

What is propane?

Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) is the full name of propane, which has a chemical formula of C₃H₈. Edmund Ronalds, a well-known British scholar and industrial chemist, discovered propane in 1864 while investigating chemicals found in crude oil from Pennsylvania.

While conducting gasoline evaporation research for the US Bureau of Mines in Pittsburgh in 1910, Walter O. Snelling discovered that he could turn some of the evaporating gases in gasoline into liquids, including propane. Snelling discovered that propane was the predominant gas. As a result, he developed and patented a method for bottling liquid propane gas, which gave rise to the propane industry. After three years, Frank Phillips from Phillips Petroleum purchased his patent for $50,000, which is equivalent to around $1.4 million today!

To make it easier to detect propane leaks, an additive must be added since propane does not have a clear smell. Ethyl mercaptan is the most effective choice for this purpose because of its unmistakable scent of rotten eggs that will immediately alert people of any propane leakage.

If you notice that rotten-egg smell in your home, follow these propane safety best practices: 

Where does propane come from?

The production of shale gas has led to an increase in propane production in Canada and the U.S. Propane is primarily obtained as a by-product of natural gas processing. Natural gas refining involves extracting various gases, such as propane, butane, methane, and ethane.

Seventy percent of the propane supply in the country comes from natural gas processing, while the remaining 30% is obtained through crude oil refining.

Propane is shipped in a variety of ways, from pipelines and tankers to trains and trucks. Once it reaches the bulk propane distribution centers, this fuel source is disbursed to local vendors like Hometowne Energy for further transport.

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